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Protecting Your Online Browsing and Information 24/7


Browse The Internet, Privately!

BullZIGA VPN secures the connection between your device, the WiFi hotspot that you have connected to, and the world wide web. BullZIGA VPN is used to protect your online browsing from tracking, information snooping, ip-logging and more, providing you complete anonymity and privacy!

BullZIGA VPN uses strong encryption algorithms to mask and falsify your location so you can browse the internet freely, without geographical limitation, censorship or any other restriction.



BullZIGA VPN is an easy to use Virtual Private Network that secures your internet connection and provides you with complete browsing freedom.



Enhanced Privacy – Protect your private information and browsing habits by hiding your identity while using the VPN connection


Bypass any geographical restriction by using remote location servers to falsify your true ip address and location


The secure VPN connection adds an encrypted tunnel between your web-activity and anyone who tries to look for potential devices to hack into


BullZIGA VPN encryption and anti-advertisement algorithms enhance browsing speed and reduce annoying banner ads and tracking elements

Award winning privacy enhancement algorithms.

Professional grade security software for consumers!

Public WiFi networks and hot spots are not secure

BullZIGA VPN secures your browsing wherever you are

Here is How BullZIGA VPN Protects You!

Anonymizes Your Browsing

BullZIGA VPN masks your IP address so your online browsing remains anonymous and private, and cannot be hooked to your true identity and profile.

Unrestricted Content Streaming

Watch any content, from anywhere. BullZIGA VPN servers are distributed in multiple locations, allowing you to mask your location and use any remote server location you may want from a wide list of options, thus opening unlimited streaming opportunities

For Windows and Mobile

Use BullZIGA VPN on your desktop, laptop and android devices. BullZIGA VPN is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices, assuring your privacy wherever and whenever you choose to use it

Secures Your Internet Connection

Keep your communicated information and data safely encrypted so hackers, ISPs and other third parties cannot access and abuse.

Easy to Use

BullZIGA VPN installation is quick and simple, and the application interface is simplified for the technical non-savvy users, allowing easy usage for everyone.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Allowing unlimited usage and bandwidth, BullZIGA VPN enables uncapped streaming, downloading and more at complete anonymity, at all times, regardless of your location and ISP restrictions.

Zero Activity Logs

BullZIGA VPN does not log traffic data, DNS queries, or anything that could be used to identify you. No logs are written nor collected at any point in your browsing process, ensuring maximum privacy.

256-Bit AES Encryption

BullZIGA VPN utilizes the same level encryption used by banks and credit card processors to secure everything sent and received via our VPN so your data is protected at all times.

Unlimited Bandwidth

BullZIGA VPN comes with an ad blocking mechanism that fights off static and dynamic ads so you can browse the internet faster and smoother

Automatic Activation

BullZIGA VPN includes an optional setting with which you can automatically connect via the VPN as soon as you go online with your computer

Shop, stream and socialize online with complete privacy

Mask your online activity with BullZIGA VPN

BullZIGA VPN Advantages


Surf the web anonymously with complete privacy


Choose from multiple server locations available at all times


Your data is highly protected with 256-bit AES encryption


Use BullZIGA VPN to shop, stream and socialize without any bandwidth limitations

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