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Cyber Privacy

Protecting Your Digital Privacy and Information 24/7


Is Your Digital Privacy Important to You?

What you do online and on your computer should be your own business. Yet, in most cases, your personal information & web habits are being tracked constantly by 3rd parties who want to monetize your online behaviors or steal your identity. It takes powerful software to stave off malicious cyber attacks all day, every day. That’s where we come in.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe
In our increasingly digital world, anyone is an easy target for a cyber attack. We put so much of our personal information online today, making it harder to guard against malicious hacking attempts.
Our comprehensive software keeps you and your family safe at all times when using your devices or surfing the web. Cyber Privacy Suite fends off harmful privacy threats and proactively identifies where your information is vulnerable or exposed.

Enjoy Online Privacy Again
We protect your webcams, microphones, and essential documents from prying eyes and prevent your most valuable information from getting into the wrong hands. With Cyber Privacy Suite, you can enjoy the freedom of online privacy again.

Cyber Privacy Suite is a privacy enhancement software that protects your devices and information in real time!

Cyber Attacks and Risks Trends

14,400,000 Fraud Victims

Over 14 million people fell victim to online fraud annually and paid $1.7 billion in out-of-pocket fraud costs.


Online theft impacted more than 60 million Americans overall.

$4 Billion in Reported Damages

Nearly 1.5 million account takeover incidents resulted in over $4 billion in damages.

Award winning privacy enhancement algorithms.

Professional grade security software for consumers!

Regain your cyber privacy and protect your family from identity theft

Try the Cyber Privacy Suite risk-free today

Cyber Privacy Suite Guards Your
Digital Privacy in the Following Ways

Encrypts Login

Your login credentials for websites you choose are being encrypted, keeping your information safe from criminals in a secure digital vault.

Prevents Others from Fingerprinting Your Identity

Cyber Privacy Suite keeps your web habits and personal information safe from data miners and hackers by scrambling fingerprinting attempts.

Identifies What Personal Information is Exposed

Cyber Privacy Suite proactively identifies what personal information is exposed so that you can address issues immediately.

Defends Webcams and Microphones from Hacking Attempts

With the Cyber Privacy Suite, block malicious hacking attempts against your webcams and microphones. Maintain and enjoy the privacy of your home life again.

Protects Your Computers from Viruses

Cyber Privacy Suite protects you from harmful software and websites that would otherwise infect your computer with malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans, and more.

Secure Your Connections Through VPN Gateways

Surf, shop, stream, and socialize on your own terms with a fully secured VPN connection whenever you need it. Cyber Privacy Suite offers more than 20 connection choices worldwide.

Blocks Unwanted
Tracking Cookies

Cyber Privacy Suite includes a set-and-forget setting that allows you to automatically block suspicious or potentially malicious cookies.

Annoying Ads

Cyber Privacy Suite comes with an Ad Blocking feature that can fight off static and dynamic ads to provide you with a smoother and faster browsing experience.

Detects Sensitive Documents on Your Device

Cyber Privacy Suite helps you find and secure locally stored documents on your devices that may contain sensitive information, such as social security and bank account numbers.

Protects Financial and Medical Documents

An advanced file-encryption capability allows you to gather and mask your critical financial and medical documents in one secure location so that they are fully protected.

Safeguards Your
Privacy in Real Time

Cyber Privacy Suite safeguards your digital privacy 24/7. Our software blocks online phishing attempts and other privacy risking actions as they occur.

Scans The Dark Web for Your Information

The dark web is scary. Our experts developed a scanning algorithm that searches for traces of your information that may be exposed in the dark web after known data breaches.

Are you ready to take back control of your private life?

Secure your devices and personal information today with Cyber Privacy Suite

Cyber Privacy Threats Statistics


can buy a complete stolen identity on the dark web

1 in 5

victims of online scams lost money, totaling $328 million


is the cost of a hacked webcam login on the dark web

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