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Scans, Detects and Protects

from Ransomware Malicious Attempts!

Partners Program

BullZIGA partner program equips you with the tools needed to instantly expand your business with the best available software and technology, yet with virtually no development or technical resources whatsoever.

Our products portfolio includes very powerful consumer software, and covers all common applications such as an antivirus, privacy tools, performance optimizers, hard drive cleaners, password managers and more!

BullZIGA partners program features an unprecedented agility and accommodates all partner types and needs. Be it online marketing beginners or experienced Tier1 software distributors, our unique approach to the partner program allows us to provide the right solution per case, and helps our partners to significantly expand their offering portfolio, profits and value propositions.

Please review the options below, and choose the one right for you. If you are uncertain about the right path, feel free to contact our team via the form below, and we will be happy to discuss and assist you with your choice.





Award winning privacy enhancement algorithms.

Professional grade security software for consumers!

Ransomware Defender is an

Advanced & comprehensive anti-ransomware solution!

Why Join Us?

Regardless of the specific partnership type you feel is right for you, ALL partners end up enjoying the following advantages, and get to leverage them as needed to their benefit!



Joining one of our partner programs allows you to avoid the timely and costly process of software development. Our team has released over 200 dedicated labels over the past 3 years and has the proficiency to tailor the design, features and behavioral attributes to the software your need, per your vertical of activity. In other words, we already tried, failed, fixed, improved and retried over and over again - so now you don’t have to.


BullZIGA by nature works very closely with ecommerce platforms, ad-networks, distribution companies, payment processors and call providers and as part of our service we provide guidance, introductions and referrals if and when you need it in order ot help you leverage that knowledge into sales and success.


Having done what we do for so long, learned by trial and error, and gained vast experience on the go - our development, infrastructure and operations are perfected (and always is being bettered) to provide the best possible cost-efficiency. that in turn, enables us to provide you our services and products in a pricing point that will always be beneficial to you versus any other option or offer - and will let you focus in what you do best - sell!


Product quality has a double significance in the software vertical; Quality means customer satisfaction, good retention rates, low refunds/chargebacks and support overhead, and in other words - minimum ‘background noise’ and maximum profits. The other aspect of quality is conversion rates - BullZIGA products have been tested and proven to result in the highest trial-to-premium conversion rates versus similar/competing offers. Higher conversion rates = more sales per $ invested = higher profits!


Our pricing has always been performance based! No matter the program you choose below, we do not charge any setup fees, nor any other fees that are not license related*. Be it a reseller or white label / OEM partner - you are only paying for the licenses you are about to sell!

BullZIGA OEM / White Label Software Program

BullZIGA features a Software White Label Software (Rebranded Software) solution for large scale distributors, top sellers and super affiliates. The software white label program consists of a fully rebranded software from our portfolio, carrying the partner’s brand name, logo, and design of choice, and allows the white label partner to utilize multi-tier affiliation models easier, as well as to harness larger volume of inventory in a more profitable manner.

The BullZIGA software white label program has proven itself over and over again for Tier 1 affiliates and publishers, allowing them to better utilize and monetize their inventory, as well as channel down the software as marketing tool for their own affiliates/publishers.

BullZIGA white label software program features a complete freedom policy and does not force you into any volume or time committed contracts. We trust that our quality of service and products as well as our scope of partner-support will maintain your satisfaction and keep you on board.

BullZIGA Resellers Program

BullZIGA is leading the consumer online security and privacy vertical with millions of satisfied users worldwide.
Our drive to succeed and endless efforts to provide the best solutions available have gotten the BullZIGA brand to be a known, prestigious software brand name – thus a high-end positioned product with very good reputation and thus a good starting point for a sale.

BullZIGA product portfolio is made available to resellers via a simple and straightforward reseller plan.
Pricing is set by scale of order (bulk licenses purchase), after which you are free to sell the products at your pricing of choice and you are not bound to pricing restrictions.

Our product portfolio is multilingual, and therefor can be resold worldwide to your audience of choice, be it online,
offline or otherwise.

Our reseller team is available 24/7 to assist with any inquiry or concern, and the licenses order interface is
automated to provide a quick turnaround response to new orders.

BullZIGA Cross-Sell Program

The BullZIGA Cross-Sell program is most suitable to online sellers of all sizes that are looking for a way to increase their average order value without any modifications to their leading product.

Adding one of the BullZIGA products to your cart either before, during or after the checkout will increase your average order value by an average of 30%-40% at no additional cost!

Adding our product/s to your sales-funnel is safe, easy, and requires almost no effort at all, and furthermore – you are not limited or bound to any specific cart provider!

Cyber Privacy SDK Program

BullZIGA Cyber Privacy SDK Program includes an advanced Cyber Privacy Enhancement Features set, providing a perfect combination of professional-grade privacy threat detection engine, the most comprehensive and up to date privacy concerns coverage mechanism and complete integration freedom!

The SDK program provides full access to our features, to be custom-connected to your own software and applications as needed, and can be applied to any type of desktop software or mobile app.

The Cyber Privacy SDK provides comprehensive coverage for the following features: anti tracking, anti finger-printing, vpn, safe browsing, dark web scan, ad blocker, login credentials encryption, sensitive documents vault/encryption and much much more.

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