BULLZIGA is an international software development company.

Dedicated to helping home users enhance their PC security, privacy and performance by utilizing top notch technologies.

As a premier software company, BULLZIGA has over ten years of experience in the software development and reselling markets.

BULLZIGA has established a spotless reputation within the tech industry by not only supplying multiple national and international companies with its’ products but also by providing countless home users with top tier products, while maintaining its’ core values and vision at all times.


BullZIGA antivirus software designed to prevent, detect, and remove malware infections on a computer or network. Antivirus software uses various methods to identify and neutralize malicious programs, such as scanning files for known patterns of malicious code, monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity, and using heuristics to detect unknown threats. Regularly updating the antivirus software is important to ensure that it remains effective against the latest malware threats.

BullZIGA Cybersecurity protection measures to secure computer systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks, theft, and damage. This includes a combination of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect sensitive information and systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. Examples of cybersecurity measures include:

  1. Firewalls to block unauthorized access
  2. Encryption to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest
  3. Antivirus and anti-malware software to detect and remove malicious software
  4. Regular software updates and patch management
  5. User education and training on cyber security best practices
  6. Network segmentation and access control to limit the spread of potential attacks

Effective cybersecurity protection requires a multi-layered approach, as well as continuous monitoring and improvement to keep up with evolving cyber threats.


Consumer Division – BullZIGA has been providing software solutions to home users for the past 10 years, focusing in security enhancement solutions and user friendly tools. BullZIGA caters to the computer none savvy audience and provides an easy to install, one-stop-shop to all possible computer related issues. BullZIGA proprietary technology has been featured in numerous software review portals as the top software solutions for home and office users since 2012.

Corporate Division –  BullZIGA specializes in re-branding software to meet the needs of our business clients and resellers. Our line of software includes antiviruses, performance optimizers, password managers, registry cleaners, and hard drive cleaners. BullZIGA has reselling partners worldwide with focal points in the U.S.A., Germany, France, China, India and Israel. Our white label / reselling opportunities include a fully branded software, carrying your brand, logo, colors and icons of choice,  thus providing you with fully functional, extremely effective technology to be used as you see fit.

Values & Growth


Our software is designed to solve problems, address concerns and reduce any possible risk to your digital privacy and security, and as such, it will do that, and only that! None of our products has any additional technical attributes beyond the ones needed to fulfill its’ designated purpose.


We keep our software lean and targeted! our applications are tailored to cater very specific needs, and do not over-feature unneeded extras – assuring you a direct solution to your specific need without any overwhelming and unneeded information and complications.


BullZIGA software pack professional grade power and performance in a friendly, fully automated consumer-friendly interface, allowing you to enjoy super sophisticated algorithms without understanding 1 line of code!


BullZIGA flagship products and entire essence are about privacy. As such, we do all that’s in our power to protect our customers’ privacy. Our clients’ information has never been and never will  be used for anything other than the support we are committed to provide them with.

Social Involvement

BullZIGA has been proactively involved in multiple initiatives with local and international entrepreneurial and academic research entities to help and promote emerging talents and technologies via mentoring, tutoring and providing professional guidance and oversight to various projects in the fields of software development, online technologies and enhanced privacy applications.

BullZIGA management is currently mentoring stealth-mode startup teams in several local academic centers, as well as assisting advanced information technology student-groups with their final years’ projects and initiatives, in hope to help local students and talents progress from their academic studies into successful technology oriented careers.

BullZIGA executive management is also actively lecturing students and parents in local schools about proper and safe online behavior, online safety measures and the importance of legitimate online monitoring to their child’s safety and social well being.