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1 in 4 people are victims of identity theft – don’t let it happen to you.

Identity theft can wreak havoc on your personal life and finances.

We spend so much time today surfing the web, purchasing products, managing accounts, and interacting with others. It’s easy to lose track of our personal information and expose ourselves to dangerous threats.

Identity Theft Preventer searches your device to find where your privacy may be vulnerable. It scans through your computer for your webmail credentials, bank account details, health provider records, social networks profiles and more, to identify potential concerns that you should address.

The most recent edition of the product can even block hacking attempts against your webcams and microphones. With the Identity Theft Preventer, your audio and visual ports are secure, enabling you to confidently enjoy your private life again.

Identity Theft Preventer has been tested & recommended by experts to protect your digital privacy & locally stored personal information.

Empowering You to Regain Control of Your Privacy

Protect Your Identity

Hide your personal information, remove sensitive data, and limit your audio and video sharing to those you trust.

Secure Your Webcam And Microphone

Fend off hacking attempts against your devices. Identity Theft Preventer blocks malicious threats and hacking attacks on your webcam and microphone.

Prevent Third-party Tracking​

Keep others from tracking your online activity and targeting you with unwanted ads. Enjoy web surfing again without feeling like you are being watched.

Leave No Trace​

Identity Theft Preventer helps you find and erase your digital footprint wherever you are exposed.

Award winning privacy enhancement algorithms.

Professional grade security software for consumers!

There is nothing more important than your identity

Try Identity Theft Preventer risk-free today!

Identity Theft Preventer's Key Features

Safe Browsing

Identity Theft Preventer protects you from dangerous websites and hacking attempts that would otherwise compromise your private life and personal devices.

Personal Information Detection​

We help you find where your personal information is stored locally and exposed, so that you can take action before anything happens. With Identity Theft Preventer, your social security number, credit card information, addresses, and phone numbers are safe.


Your online activity creates a digital footprint that others can use against you. Identity Theft Preventer blocks browser tracking so that you can surf the web on your own terms.

Webcam And Microphone Blocker​

Cyber-criminals often target webcams and microphones to spy on you and your loved ones unknowingly. We secure audio and visual ports on your devices and keep others from prying into your personal life.

Local Document Defense​

Many people wrongly assume that locally stored documents are safe from cyber crimes. We help you find documents containing identifiable information on your devices so that you can delete or move them into a more secure location.

Proactive Encryption​

Identity Theft Preventer scans your computer for traceable login credentials and encrypts those paths to prevent future abuse.

Real-time Protection​

Identity Theft Preventer is always ready for the next threat. It protects your devices 24/7 so that you never have to worry about your personal information.

Encrypted Documents Vault​

We offer a file-encryption mechanism that allows you to consolidate sensitive materials in one secure location. We can encrypt and mask any documents you choose, keeping them safe from cyber-criminals.

New Feature: Ad Blocker​

Identity Theft Preventer’s new ad blocker prevents static and dynamic ads from clogging up your browser so you can enjoy a faster and smoother online experience.

Protecting your identity has never been easier

See if you are vulnerable to identity theft today

Average Statistics


can buy a complete stolen identity on the dark web

1 IN 5

victims of online scams lost money, totaling $328 million


is the cost of a hacked webcam login on the dark web

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