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Note - Hidden

Unique Notes app that hides your images from prying eyes


Notes – Hidden Photos is a free gallery and image hider and Android application locker.

Concealed behind a fully functional notes editor, Hidden Photos comes in handy when you are trying to hide images and videos you just do not want others to see.

Hidden Photos also features an application locker that allows you to lock down specific apps, so they can only be accessed with a password, and not just by anyone who accesses your phone.

Unsuspecting users will never assume that the Note application on your phone is a hidden, locked gateway to your images, videos and galleries!

Note – Hidden Photos Highlights

Note Application

A fully featured text editor that conceals the access to the hidden images, galleries, and locked apps.

Application Locker

Locks all the selected apps installed on the device and hides them from the Android application menu.

Image & Gallery Hider

Hides either specific images selected or entire galleries! Selected images/galleries will not show in the standard galleries!

Secret Button Switch

A secret button within the Note application screen switches between the Note app and gallery hider screen behind it.

Award winning privacy enhancement algorithms.

Professional grade security software for consumers!

Note - Hidden Photos uses fingerprint technology and clever user interface design to maintain the privacy of the Android user.

Everything starts with a single click on a secret button.

Note – Hidden Photos Features

Note Application Camouflage

Note app performs like any other note app, with the exception that it hides selected photos and videos chosen by the user.

Hides Private Photos

The application will hide any individually selected photos or full galleries the user does not wish others to see.

Hides Private Videos

The Note app will camouflage user-selected individual videos or entire video galleries.

Several Verification Methods

The app allows only the owner of the device to access the vault. The verification methods options vary according to the device brand and version. The user can choose between PIN code, Pattern Code and fingerprint verification.

5-seconds Secret Button Switch

The note icon on top of the application screen unlocks the vault when pressed down for 5 seconds.


Takes small amount of space and is easy on the devices battery usage.

Locks Selected Installed Apps

Note Hidden Photos allows the user a choice to selectively lock specific apps and prevent access from the phone menu.


The application free version is ad-supported. Users can opt in for an ad-free upgrade any time.

User-friendly Design

The application interface is designed to allow even a non-technical users an ease of use of the application's features.

Camouflage your photos and videos behind a 'simple' Note application

Keep your images, videos and galleries all to yourself!

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